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Gifting Possibility

The Transformation Foundation is committed to ensuring transformative learning opportunities are available to organizations & individuals who otherwise would not have access to programs due to financial constraints.

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Our Commitment

We are committed to ensuring that Powerful  Personal Development learning opportunities are available to organizations & individuals who otherwise would not have access to programs due to financial constraints.

The Landmark Forum is a unique educational approach for the growth and development of individuals in pursuit of achieving higher levels of self awareness and personal performance. Foundational elements of human satisfaction and performance are the typical areas of development in the programs we support including:

  • Personal responsibility
  • Integrity
  • Authenticity
  • Communication
  • Being up to something bigger than one’s self

The programs and people we support are committed to making a positive difference for participants as well as their families and communities.

What your Donations Provide

Donations provide scholarships for individuals who would otherwise be unable to participate in unique education programs aimed at providing personal growth and development for living transformed lives.

These personal transformational learning programs enable people and communities to create and cause the change they are committed to making in themselves and the communities they serve.

 hey provide a high integrity and reliable avenue for those that have benefited from transformational programs to pay-it-forward to others that do not always have the same opportunities.

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Featured Funds

The Landmark Forum

The Landmark Forum is designed to bring about positive, permanent shifts in the quality of life.

The Landmark Forum for Young People

This three-day program leaves young people with the freedom to be and freedom to act, and empowered to be responsible for their lives.

The Landmark Forum for Teens

Teens invent new possibilities, face challenges powerfully, and discover a new level of power, freedom, full self-expression, and peace of mind in this dynamic three-day program.

Transformative Education for Community-led Development

The Fund for Community-led Development (CLD) specifically supports the development and distribution of proven CLD training materials to NGO’s worldwide. 

Samantha Allen

Sami will always live in the hearts of many. Donate on her behalf.

What We Do


Evaluate Applicants

We process the applicants request.

Pay for the course

We pay the people who put on the course to ensure that the money is used for the purpose it was donated for.



All participants are requested to pay-it-forward.  This insures that others have the same opportunity as they did.

Create New Worlds of Possiblity

Help people create possibility in their lives, thereby transforming the world today.