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Education for Community-led Development

The Fund for Community-led Development (CLD) specifically supports the development and distribution of proven CLD training materials to NGO’s worldwide; making available a seismic shift in their ability to cause the sustainable behaviour change required to shift entrenched social conditions.

Community-led development has been described as a “new take” on the longstanding traditions of the way NGO’s and non-profits work in developing communities.

Key global challenges such as; empowering women, achieving inclusive economic growth, ending hunger, clean water and sanitation and building climate change resilience – all require integrated and community-led solutions. CLD is a women-centered, transformative process – it’s more than participatory projects; it requires a long term engagement that empowers citizens and local authorities to transform patriarchal mind-sets and take effective action toward sustainable solutions.

Participants leave Community-led Development (CLD) programs working together to create and achieve locally owned visions and goals. This includes  the requirement for women’s full representation in leadership at all levels to achieve the best outcomes. CLD training transforms mindsets of recipients into ownership, from beneficiary to leader and victim to responsible citizenry and governance.

Your funds support the development, delivery and distribution of the CLD processes and programs that build capacities of leaders and communities as a system – in partnership with nonprofits and NGO’s working in service of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) being realized world wide.

The course reached into every area of my life, leaving me more open, to the people I love, willing to be moved by the wonder of life, our world, what is possible and even myself!
Course Participant

This includes:

  • Aggregating and refining the best-in-class Communiy-led development (CLD) methodology, training and capacity building programs to be readily available.
  • Testing and deployment of various versions of the open source Community-led Development (CLD) processes and programs.
  • Global availability of the open source CLD processes and programs within three years.

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