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The Landmark Forum for Teens Fund

This three-day program leaves young people empowered to be responsible for their lives, create new possibilities, and feel confident in their own choices. Participants explore the freedom to face challenges powerfully and be fully self-expressed.

Teens invent new possibilities, face challenges powerfully, and discover a new level of power, freedom, full self-expression, and peace of mind in this dynamic three-day program.
The Landmark Forum for Teens is an interactive experience. A Landmark Forum leader leads teens through a series of discussions geared toward issues that are important to them. They’ll have the opportunity to create a breakthrough in their ability to:

  • Experience an appreciation for their families and the people in their lives
  • Deal effectively with peer pressure and make their own choices
  • See rules and agreements as a way to have life work
  • Generate excellence in the areas of life that are important to them
  • Know themselves as someone who makes a difference
So much changed about the way I think—about school, about my parents, about my life.
16-year-old as quoted in TEEN Magazine