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The Clock Tower Project
The Clock Tower Project is a next-generation communication platform for activating climate response. We are focused on transforming the conversation surrounding the climate crisis.

The mission of The Clock Tower Project is help people visualize the path to a thriving future and to create a domino effect of positive change and climate action. 

Our approach is to empower humanity with a globally shared visual framework to reference when discussing the climate crisis. Surrounding this framework we will provide a practical set of tools that support individuals, organizations, and institutions in actively creating and protecting their future.

We envision a future where people – individually and collectively – are able to make better decisions about the future. We aim to inspire people to become evolved global citizens – to be worthy ancestors of those who follow.

If our civilization hopes to survive and thrive in the future, it is critical to incorporate long-term thinking into our individual and collective decision-making.

While experts sound the warning for approaching catastrophes, the public is generally disconnected from both real and existential threats until a crisis has already begun. 

The ability to intelligently look and plan ahead – months and years into the future – has never been more important. People do ask big picture questions: How long is this going to go on for? When will things get back to normal? What is possible in our future? What can I do to improve the outcome? Currently, there are no commonly shared tools or methods that help people think about how to answer these questions.

How do we change humanity’s collective ability to plan and act for the future? 

We all play an important role in creating the future. We need your help to build the “Clock Tower” for humanity