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The Clock Tower Project

The Clock Tower Project is a next-generation communication platform for activating climate response. We are focused on transforming the conversation surrounding the climate crisis.

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The mission of The Clock Tower Project is help people visualize the path to a thriving future and to create a domino effect of positive change and climate action. 

Our approach is to empower humanity with a globally shared visual framework to reference when discussing the climate crisis. Surrounding this framework we will provide a practical set of tools that support individuals, organizations, and institutions in actively creating and protecting their future.

We envision a future where people – individually and collectively – are able to make better decisions about the future. We aim to inspire people to become evolved global citizens – to be worthy ancestors of those who follow.

If our civilization hopes to survive and thrive in the future, it is critical to incorporate long-term thinking into our individual and collective decision-making.

While experts sound the warning for approaching catastrophes, the public is generally disconnected from both real and existential threats until a crisis has already begun. 

The ability to intelligently look and plan ahead – months and years into the future – has never been more important. People do ask big picture questions: How long is this going to go on for? When will things get back to normal? What is possible in our future? What can I do to improve the outcome? Currently, there are no commonly shared tools or methods that help people think about how to answer these questions.

How do we change humanity’s collective ability to plan and act for the future? 

The Clock Tower Project believes an opportunity lies in the tools humanity uses for making sense of time. For generations, people have used time as a means to organize society and global economies. By advancing these tools, we can upgrade the way people perceive and interact with time. This shift in perception sets the stage for an improvement in people’s ability to plan and act for the future. 

The massive global disruption caused by Covid-19 is a precursor to the anticipated disruptions that are forecast to become common in our rapidly changing climate. The general public has a hard time seeing that the climate crisis has already begun because this crisis is hard to comprehend without a broader perspective of time. 

The Clock Tower Project

The Clock Tower Project uses an interactive 3D time and data visualization technology to empower people with the needed broader time perspective. This breakthrough technology visualizes the past, present, and future in one continuous form. The visualized long-term perspective reveals the connection between “now” and distant time horizons. It becomes possible to see how actions in the moment can compound over time to create different scenarios in the future. 

 User testing has shown that this interactive time map provides an “Overview Effect” that can transform how people understand and relate to time. Supporting this expanded perception with tools designed to inspire and activate climate-conscious actions, we enable users of the CTP Platform to make a measurable difference in the climate fight.

When something happens can become just as important as what happens.

The anticipated 7% reduction in global greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic response is evidence that humanity can dramatically reduce its impact on the climate in a short period of time. A multitude of plans and strategies exist to solve the climate crisis, from changing consumption habits, to adjusting daily behaviors, to taking political action. The Clock Tower Project tools are engineered to become activation mechanisms that bring coordination to these strategies. 

 A Shared Map of the Future:

The Clock Tower Project is being positioned to become a globally shared visual framework – a shared map of the future –  to reference when discussing the climate crisis. To overcome global scale challenges we need global scale cooperation and coordination. We all need to work together.

About us: 

The Clock Tower Project™ is a non-profit software services company based in Boulder, Colorado. Our team has extensive experience building large scale software solutions and we are passionate about supporting the climate fight. We are proud to be a project sponsored by the Transformation Foundation.

We need your help to deliver these tools to humanity for free. Please make a tax deductible donation today. Every moment we hesitate to respond to the climate crisis, the situation gets more dire and the possible actions become more challenging. 

 Time is of the essence.

A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life. ― Charles Darwin